Our rooms

Since 1 June 2011 you are more than welcome to stay in our B&B**** in the annexes of Lozer Castle.
All rooms are on the south side with a wonderful view of the pond and the park.

No smoking on the rooms.


B&B Faveere 005.jpg

The Eiffel room (shower)

Our stylishly furnished Eiffel room owes its name to the amount of recuperated iron used in the room.

The Baroque room (bath)

The stylish Baroque room immerses our guests in an authentic 18th century experience.
B&B Faveere 018.jpg

The Zen Room (shower)

In our Zen room the minimalist design and natural materials take you one step closer to nature.

The Murano room (bath)

The Murano room was named after the town near Venice of the same name, famous for its glasswork.

The Stendhal suite

The Stendhal suite owes its name to the writer of the famous book ‘Le Rouge et le Noir’.